Health & Safety Consultation Services

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Our second sector of services is the Health & Safety System and Risk Assessment services that we provide in Cyprus. These include:

Quantitative Risk Analysis
Risk Management Planing
Safety Audits
Incident Investigations
Policies & Procedures
Hazard Identification
Quality Assurance Plans

According to Cyprus law for health & safety at the workplace (Law of 1996-2011 and 173/2002) every employer is required to apply the following:

  • Have a written risk assessment
  • Take the necessary safety and precautions for hazards
  • Prepare action plans in case of fire, earthquakes and other emergencies
  • Pass on responsibilities and duties for safety and health (have first aiders, fire wardens, safety committee members)
  • Procedures as to the awareness and training of the employees
  • Evaluating and monitoring documentations
  • Fulfilling the on-going training requirements of the law
  • A comprehensive safety policy and safety manual
  • Accident, hazard and contractors registers
  • Hazard identification, assessment, control and monitoring forms
  • Evacuation and emergency procedures
  • An Evacuation Scheme – if required
  • A Rehabilitation and injury management plan – if required
  • Training for managers and safety officers in the use of the system

Training Courses for Safety

We can incorporate a training course for Health & Safety, customised to the needs of each organisation.
Read more about the “Health & Safety at Work” course.

For those individuals who are appointed as health & safety officers, the “NEBOSH International General Certificate” is appropriate and globally recognised.