Health and Safety at Work Officers Training (ESYPP)

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Why should you attend this training?

The Health and Safety at Work Officers Training (ESYPP) covers all the legal and regulatory requirements regarding the training of a business’ ESYPP members and equips participants with the necessary training in Health and Safety matters.

Risk assessment should be an integral part of the planning of all works and tasks of each business since just by this, the risk of injuries and other unwanted situations among employees, customers and other affected parties can be prevented. Under legislation (R.A.A. 158/2021) the employee must designate in writing one or more people who will engage in activities concerning the protection and prevention of risks that exist or may occur at the premises of any business as well as with advisory assistance to their employer. These employees make up the Internal Protection and Prevention Service (ESYPP).

Who does this training address?

The course addresses Management/Administration personnel, Health and Safety Officers (ESYPP) and members of Health and Safety Committees that have been appointed by their employers as responsible individuals for conducting internal risk protection and prevention activities.

Duration: 35 hours

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

  • Name the different sources of risk from the work equipment
  • Describe the safe working methods
  • Identify and use the stages of the risk assessment process
  • Identify and use the basic principles of work place inspection
  • Implement the requirements of Regulation R.A.A. 173/2002, on the Management of Health and Safety Matters at Work.
  • Describe the legislation inforce in Cyprus and the relevant EU directives on firefighting, fire safety and workspace evacuation matters
  • Identify and distinguish the psychosomatic and psychosocial mechanisms as well as the electrical hazards

Assessment Certification

After successfully completing the course, all participants will be awarded a course participation certificate.

How to attend or organise a course

This course is only available for organisations. The course is customised to the needs of each organisation and usually takes place at the premises of the organisation.

If you would like to organize a course for your company employees please contact us on 777 8 7779 or fill the form bellow.

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