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FIRE DRILL: When and Why

Fire drills can be a matter of life and death and because of this it is essential to know the following: What is a Fire Drill? Why is it important? How often should a fire drill take place? First things first!  A fire drill is the practice of... Read More

drowning victim

What is Secondary Drowning?

You pay close attention to little ones when swimming, making sure they are not left alone and that a lifeguard is on hand. However, the danger does not end once your child has left the water and has problems breathing – This may sound alarming, but... Read More


High Cholesterol in Europe

According to the World Health Organisation the raised cholesterol in people all around the work increase the risks of heart disease and stroke. According to global statistics, a third of ischaemic heart disease is attributable to high cholesterol. It... Read More

The Steps of Using an AED

Thousands of individuals have participated and have been certified to provide CPR and use a defib by attending the CPR & AED training program! We wish all of you to have an additional tool, thus we have found useful to upload this tool on our... Read More