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4 ways to stay Healthy during Quarantine

Lockdown. It’s not the end of the world – even though it certainly seems that way. Many of us groan at the thought of yet another quarantine, especially the more physically active among us who lament the loss of their favourite place: the gym.... Read More

Guidelines During Covid-19: CPR Adult

General recommendations for BLS in adults by lay rescuers for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 Cardiac arrest is identified if a person is unresponsive and not breathing normally. Responsiveness is assessed by shaking the person and shouting.... Read More

FIRE DRILL: When and Why

Fire drills can be a matter of life and death and because of this it is essential to know the following: What is a Fire Drill? Why is it important? How often should a fire drill take place? First things first!  A fire drill is the practice of... Read More

The Evolution of CPR Training is Here

According to European statistics, the survival rate from CPR alone during a cardiac arrest is extremely low. The main reason we perform CPR is not that the victim will recover, but because we keep the heart, the brain and the rest of the organs... Read More