About EMP Medic


Since its founding back in May 2002, EMP Medic First Aid Ltd has been the leader in lifesaving training courses in Cyprus and Greece. We have made an impact in various fields of the industry including manufacturers, airlines (aviation), hotels, construction, bankers, retailers, professional rescuers as well as general industry fields that are required by law to be trained in first aid. What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we are unique in that we provide custom, field-specific training courses, continuously customized to the requirements, hazards as well as accident records of each individual customer.

Our Instructors

We ensure that our training courses are delivered by the most skilled, educated and recognised instructors in the field, with our head instructor having been certifiably involved in the field for well over 35 years now. Our lead instructors are also Emergency Medical Technicians, having the required experience and knowledge to train individuals based on our company’s (EMP Medic) internationally approved training program. These very same instructors train doctors, volunteer and professional rescuers, ambulance personnel as well as civilians looking to acquire first aid skills.

Mission Statement

“EMP Medic helps individuals increase their skills and knowledge via structured courses that help save lives.”


Our training programs are in full compliance and accordance to the following Authorities:

  • The 1st organisation to be approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus (May 2009 legislation)
  • Approved & Subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus
  • The European Resuscitation Council
  • The British First Aid Guidelines (HSE)
  • The International Liaison Committee
  • The World Safety Organisation

EMP Medic was the very first organisation in Cyprus to be approved by the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Labour Inspection to deliver certified training courses (certification document number TEE (


“To be the leading training provider for lifesaving programs in Cyprus and Greece”

Commitment to Excellence

EMP Medic has made a commitment to excellence in program quality, the caliber of student support materials, and in instructional methodology. This commitment has led to a phenomenal growth in acceptance and recognition towards our training courses within Europe.

EMP Medic courses are endorsed by the World Safety Organization.

EMP Medic courses meet the recommendation laid down by the European Resuscitation Council.

EMP Medic was the 1st approved training organisation by the Ministry of Labor with certification no. TEE

EMP Medic is approved to run subsidised training courses from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.

Training Options

Our organisation provides the option of having an in-house (on-site) training course. This is always arranged in mutual understanding with the client and at a location selected by the client (commonly their own premises). The benefit of an in-house course is that such a course is customised to the needs and circumstances of the participants and their respective organisations.

An alternative solution is to attend one of our open courses where various candidates from different organisations and sectors participate. Such training courses are organised in all districts of Cyprus all year round, with higher density of occurrence during September to December & February to June.

In both options the majority of organisations in Cyprus are eligible for a subsidy by the HRDA. For more information regarding the subsidy please contact us!