Food Safety, Hygiene, Labeling and Traceability


Training in Food Safety, Labeling and Traceability is a consequence of the important role that has the set of three, not just for the smooth operation but also for the safety of anybody which is involved in a food chain. The legislation on allergens, temperature control, food labeling and the need that exists for the smooth operation and sustainability of a company, are the key elements which require continuous training of personnel in food safety. Food safety, food labeling and traceability, it is a legal requirement and it is necessary to apply to any company or organization.

Course Aim

  • Defining various terminologies around food safety.
  • Understanding food safety, proper labeling and traceability.
  • To distinguish the risks of working with food.
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the law regulations on ‘Hygiene and Official Control of Food Regulations of 2002 (ΚΔΠ 79/2002)’, and also taking into account the European Directive 93/43 for Food Hygiene.
  • Understanding the requirements for proper food labeling.

Who Will Benefit

  • Managers in food industry
  • Food safety personnel
  • Members of HACCP committees
  • Production managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Sales managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Warehouse personnel

Assessment Certification

All delegates – after being assessed and having successfully completed the course – will be awarded with a participation certificate in accordance to the law of ‘Hygiene and Official Control of Food Regulations of 2002 (ΚΔΠ 79/2002)’.

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