Rescue at Height


To ensure a safe evacuation of a person or persons after an injury or an illness located at height.

This is a customised training program according to the needs of the participants, their current level of training and the physical structure of the facility.

Who to Train

Those who are involved in activities at height, either during work or pleasure. Also to train rescue team members, crane operators and support teams, windmill workers, personnel at ski resorts, window cleaners, maintenance workers at height and other height related industry workers.

Duration: Customised Course

Assessment Certification

All delegates – after having successfully completed the course – will be awarded with a course participation certificate.

How to attend or organise a course

This course is only available for organisations. The course is customised to the needs of each organisation and usually takes place at the premises of the organisation.

If you would like to organize a course for your company employees please contact us on 777 8 7779 or fill the form bellow.

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