Crisis Management – Emergency Preparedness


This training is essential because emergencies have become part of our everyday life. Even more so at the workplace since it’s the place where we spend a significant amount of our time and perform various – potentially hazardous – activities. At any given time, a terrorist attack, a bomb threat, an active shooter, a fire, an earthquake, a tsunami (if you are near the beach-front), a flooding, violence, blackmail, a suicide, an injury or a death on the premises, poisoning or even a technological malfunction such as a chemical spill could affect your organisation, your employees or other people. That’s where crisis management comes into play.

An additional significant aspect is managing the media in the aftermath of a crisis. This course will address all aspects of preparing for a crisis!

Who to Train

A training program for every organization wishing to teach its duty managers, supervisors, members of its safety committee, evacuation teams, fire wardens and security personnel on emergency action plans that should be activated in case there’s any possible threat to their employees or third parties.

Duration: One or Two Days

Course Aim

To train and qualify delegates on how to prepare and manage an emergency/crisis according to good practices and the law of the Republic of Cyprus.

Assessment Certification

All delegates – after having successfully completed the course – will be awarded with a course participation certificate.

How to attend or organise a course

This course is only available for organisations. The course is customised to the needs of each organisation and usually takes place at the premises of the organisation.

If you would like to organize a course for your company employees please contact us on 777 8 7779 or fill the form bellow.

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