First Aid at Work (3 days)


This is a mandatory course for any medium to high risk environment that could affect third parties or employed personnel. The assigned first aiders will cover a list of topics on possible first aid emergencies as set down by the Labour Inspection Office of Cyprus.

Duration: 3 days

Course Aim

To train and qualify delegates in First Aid knowledge in order to become certified in accordance to the Law on Health and Safety in the workplace (Law of 2009 – .Δ. 198/2009).

Why attend the 3 day instead of the 1 day course?

The Emergency First Aid at Work course covers the topics in a brief period of time, since the complete duration of the course is 6-7 hours. It doesn’t allow students to work in various scenarios or to cover each topic in depth.

The FIRST AID AT WORK 3 DAY course, covers an extensive allocation of topics and in addition allows more time to view more videos, run exercises, scenarios and quizzes on different topics, ensuring that the skills are performed correctly in each situation.

The additional topics covered within the 3 day course, include the use of Oxygen in emergency situations, CPR on children and infants, anaphylaxis management in case of allergic reaction, injury and illness assessment, applying bandages and caring for the injured as well as further other topics.

Our Instructors

We ensure that our training courses are delivered by the most skilled, educated and recognised instructors in the field, with our head instructor having been certifiably involved in the field for well over 35 years now. Our lead instructors are also Emergency Medical Technicians, having the required experience and knowledge to train individuals based on our company’s (EMP Medic First Aid) internationally approved training program. These very same instructors train doctors, volunteer and professional rescuers, ambulance personnel as well as civilians looking to acquire first aid skills.

About the Program

Our organization was the First to be approved in Cyprus by the Ministry of Labour as a Provider in First Aid at Work courses. Our approval number is: TEE (

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is fully approved and in full compliance with the current legislation laid down by the Health and Safety Executive and according to the ERC Guidelines. Our company is fully approved by the World Safety Organization and is an active member of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

Assessment Certification

All delegates – after being assessed and having successfully completed the course – will be awarded with the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate in accordance to the applicable law.

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

How to attend or organise a course

If you are looking to attend a course organised by us, please view the open venues below.

If you would like to organize a course for your employees please fill the form below or contact us on 777 8 7779.

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